Electronics and Software Design Consultancy

PVE specialise in the design of bespoke micro-controller systems and high-performance embedded software. We provide a complete service from the initial requirements gathering and discussion of what is possible, through to mass-production of your finished product.

As well as firmware for micro-controller systems, our software expertise includes mid-level industrial-PC based systems, and high-level modern-UI applications. We have experience of particular niches such as machine-vision and motion-control.



Recent Work

We have experience in a wide range of application-domains, as the following examples of recent projects demonstrate:

3-phase motor control - Development of a highly-configurable thyristor-based system for the controlled starting, monitoring and stopping of industrial motors. This involved a novel thyristor firing approach allowing for extremely smooth starts, with a high-level of control at very low energy levels. It includes a plethora of current monitoring modes, and provides USB support and a bespoke comms link for configuration, log extraction, etc.

Building-Automation IO cards - Creation of general purpose, high-speed, configurable, Modbus-driven Input and Output cards, primarily for use in Building Automation Systems.

Machine Vision in the Solar Industry - High accuracy, multiple camera, wafer alignment software developed, allowing the next generation of PV manufacturing processes to be realised in mass-production environments.

Motion Control - We’ve worked on various projects involving servo and stepper-motor control, ranging from small machines, up to systems involving hundreds of motors, controlled via multiple CAN bus networks, all linked to a master-controller.

PC Software - Most projects require some modern-looking intuitive PC software for managing/configuring the hardware system. Alongside that we have developed standalone data-analysing and report-generation software.

Software Resource

We can provide experienced C/C++ software experts as consultants/contractors to help you complete your projects. We have particular expertise in areas such as embedded real-time, low-level comms, machine-vision, motion-control and algorithmically-heavy development. Alongside this we have the standard industry experience of high-level UI development, using frameworks such as QT, Windows Forms (with C#), MFC, etc.


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